Teach Kubernetes some new tricks

A tool for developers, QA teams, and those starting to learn the ins-and-outs of Kubernetes.


Combined Logs - View logs from multiple containers at once with a color coded tail log.
Quick Look and Edit - Use Quick Look to view configuration files, or double click to modify in your favorite editor.
Quick Namespace Switching - Switch between contexts and namespaces at lightning speed by simply clicking on a different tab or window.
Swiftly Efficient - Kubermagic is written in native swift, not one of those bulky web frameworks. This helps it run fast, while also saving energy.

Automate your workflow

With a little bash or python scripting, one can automate away tedious tasks and memorized commands. Commonly-used actions can be sent to the toolbar for even faster access. Need to count rows in a table, or start a port-forward process, or access a django shell? -- all a snap with the bash commands. Need something more advanced? How about interacting with github, or jenkins? Try using python with forms to present and act on the information you need.

Try or Buy

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