Sales FAQ

Expiration Date

Home/Personal licenses do not expire, however an upgrade fee may be required for future major releases of the software. Business/Commercial licenses need to renewed annually. Renewal is handled automatically by the software.

Multiple Operating Systems or Computers

Licenses are per-user, so you are welcome to use the one license on all computers where you are the primary user. For businesses, the number of users must equal the number of licenses.

Business vs Personal

A personal license key will have your name on it, while a business license key will have the company name and the total seats registered to that company.

Using a Personal License at Work

As licenses are per-user, you're welcome to use your license key on all computers where you are the primary user, including at work.

Taking a Business License Home

Employees should not use a business license at home, unless on a work computer or for work purposes. License keys are owned by the business, and may not be shared with other companies or individuals.

Education Discounts

Educational discounts are not presently offered. If you would like to purchase licenses for use in a computer lab, it is not necessary to have the number of licenses equal to the number of students. You may purchase the lesser of either: 1) the number of computers that will have the software installed or 2) the number of students who will be using the software.

Site Licenses

Site licenses are not offered.

Group Buying

Group buying is not supported. The bulk license keys are only for use within a single company.

Mac App Store

Red is available through the Mac App Store. Kubermagic will not be made available on the App Store.


We do not process purchase orders. The only method of purchasing Echodot software licenses is direct via the website.


Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us, including the email used to purchase the license, if you wish to claim a refund.

Questions or concerns?

Please contact us if you have any more questions about licensing.