The most advanced Redis client for Mac


Live Updates - See newly created keys appear in your sidebar and watch them vanish as they expire or are deleted with Live Updates.
Interactive Console - Command autocompletion and inline documentation appear as you type in the console.
Pub/Sub View - Publish and subscribe to Redis channels. View information as it fows through your system.
Users/ACL - Control user access with a vastly simplified interface
Scripts - Develop, test and work with Lua scripts directly in the application. With a couple added comments, the script can prompt for additional values.
Tabbed Windows and Dark Mode - Take advantage of tabbed windows to quickly switch between redis instances. Prefer the lights off? Red looks great in Dark Mode in Mac OS Mojave.
Swiftly Efficient - Red is written in native Swift, exclusively for the Mac. This helps it run fast, while also saving energy.

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Red is also available on the Mac App Store